"Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

They say to always keep positive no matter how bad things turn out. But what if you try to keep positive but every negative thing comes shooting your way? What do you do then?

These past couple of weeks I have been going through so much. No matter how hard I try to change things, it always ends up the same.

In conclusion: You only have yourself at the end of the day. Everyone worries about themselves and its all about yourself. No one can help you besides you. People can only help you as much as they choose. Although its not fair, I have learned to live with it. But what do I do if I don't know what to do about it? I guess I'm just going to have to continue living with it until it does change one day.

My question to everyone is: How can you let one person control you and influence you? How can someone neglect the two most important people in their lives and have another person who shouldn't matter in the first place take over your own life? How can you put that "nobody" first and the other two people last? I guess what I'm trying to say is "HOW DARE YOU". How dare someone neglect the two people that need them the most.

But like I said, life ain't fair and I've learned that the hard way. All I can do is continue to move on and be who I am. I can't change a person if they don't want to change themselves. I just hope one day they know how much it hurts those two most important people that's suppose to be in their lives. But one day ........just one day.........
Busy Days 11/18/2009
Yes I know I've been neglecting this website. I know that I have at least 10 minutes out of my life to update for everyone. Well here is my update. Lately, I've been busy with school & work. Since there is only a month and a half of school left, we have been thrown so many quizzes, tests, assignments, labs...its crazy. Im running around in circles. As I type, I am trying to multi-task and finish the last three problems of my Statistics Test.  I need a vacation.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!! Boy am I excited!! I'm sooo excited that guess what? I already bought Christmas decor!! Haha thats how excited I am!! It's so funny because I had a weekend with my little sister (which I rarely do) and we made a gingerbread house together! It wasn't a regular gingerbread house! It was those mini-village houses. It came with 5 small houses and yes my sister picked it out. It was so hard to do. We bought extra candy because a random lady told us there wasn't enough candy in the box. Well there WAS!! And the houses kept falling apart. It was fun though. Love those holiday times with family. Dont you?

My recipes for Thanksgiving have been typed out and planned out. I plan to make stuffed turkey breast instead of the regular huge turkey. I figured theres only two people in the house and I cant just cook a big turkey especially if we aren't going to eat it all anyway. So I've been trying to think about lots of things I can stuff my turkey breast with. PLUS, in addition, I am going to buy some turkey wings (i love wings, their my favorite thing to eat!!) and bake that for the juicy skin that we will be missing. I am being greedy and making TWO pies since my lover boy does not want pecan pie and I do. right now im trying to figure out when i am actually gonna get up and buy the ingredients for everything. haha yeah. I might make the pies a day ahead or two days ahead. i have a LONG two days of Thanksgiving.

What is everyone else cooking for Thanksgiving? I'd love some goooooood recipes to make this year.
So I seriously havent been keeping up with this for anything. so sorry. its not like anyone reads it anyway except a couple of people lol. lately i have been busy with school and work. school has been a huge weight over my shoulder because i haven't been able to keep up with four classes. and work part time. and one other part time job i have on the side .i have been trying to make it. but today was the day i realized that i needed to drop one class before i failed it. i was on the verge of failing. so disappointed in myself but i know i cant keep holding on to a class i know i will end up failing.

anyway, it just irritates the eff out of me when people dont return stuff they borrowed from me!  i mean how hard is it?? they've had it for a week now and they had a day off yesterday but "decided to forget my vacuum and pass my house and get their hair done an hour away from here"..how sad. it pisses me off because i cant believe that im nice enough to help out but their not nice enough to return my stuff! so i was okay w/ it and they said they were gonna return it today but guess what? They call and tell me they are "tired" and can they drop it off tomorrow blah blah blah which pissed me off & they heard it in my voice i told them that was fine but i had to work tomorrow at 8am so im not sure who will be home they proceeded to ask me what was wrong...i mean SERIOUSLY? what do u think is WRONG dumbass!?? ugh anyway im over it. i hate letting people borrow my things. sorry to sound mean/selfish but this is what happens when your too nice!!

- im so excited for thanksgiving and christmas..especially MY BIRTHDAY!! im on a mission to accomplish many things w/ my bday but i havent been up to par w/ it =/ i hope i can knock some sense in my own head and accomplish my goal.

i cant wait until schools over with and i can have a vacation. im so exhausted with everything ..anyway, i gotta jump on the treadmill to relieve some stress. plus i have to finish lots of things before bed since i have work early in the morning at 8am..have a nice Friday everyone!!
Happy Halloween! 10/31/2009
So I've been sitting here..contemplating on what I should do for Halloween. I have a big bowl of candy filled with MY favs snickers and airheads and no kids have knocked on our door...its already 7pm...now i know this street never gets any trick or treaters because its a quiet street and kind of scary since anyone barely decorates and there are no kids on this street.....but i have decorations outside and i want kids to come? lol im kind of a nervous since my dogs will bark and try to run out of the door..that might scare the children away....but thats alright ill just have that big bowl of candy to myself haha...

i have so much school work to do and i just finished my lab for astronomy today. i now have to study for two tests which is a drag for me because i absolutely DESPISE tests...but i gotta make myself do it. i have an 8 page study guide for philosophy but only attempted to do 3. while im sitting here complaining maybe i should finish it up but i just want to relax and watch some scary movies. im really not in the mood to do anything.

today i woke up at the crack of dawn to get ready to go to the zoo. i love the zoo. it was suppose to be zoo boo day for halloween which is what i saw the news advertising tigers, lions and all of them playing w/ pumpkins but when i got there they already ate half of the pumpkins and apparently got bored of them so the pumpkins were just sitting in all the animals cages =( i was bummed haha. 99.9% of the zoo was filled w/ children. it seems as if we were the only couple w/o children along w/ two other couples i saw. haha i felt left out...but we had a blast. i forgot my camera in the car so i had to take pics w/ my phone (as always) i actually only took pics of animals i found interesting. the tigers, lions and bears were just laid out doing a bunch of nothing being bums. so i couldnt see their faces and only saw their backs and feets so i didnt take any pics of them. the giraffes and elephants were close as they can be to me though. i also took pics of this animal i really think their ugly because their face is like a long stick and their body is huge but their face is as long as your arm. it creeps me out lol. it never fails...it seems as if everytime i go to the zoo i wanna touch the animals and pet them especially the tigers and lions and leopards. i wanna pet them... i might be a pet trainer one day if thats what you call it. i have a love for animals. anyway ill wait for these pics to load and upload them on here. but for now ill just enjoy some movies.


Bad Friday's 10/30/2009
Has anyone ever tried so hard to have a good day because thats your favorite day of the week and everything always turns out bad that day? I seem to have cursed my Fridays. Every time I try to have a great day it always turns out bad. Today has been the worst Friday I could ever have. I can name a million things times five but the most important thing is my auntie flow. The worst person to put you in a bad mood. YES I said it. On top of that I have too much going on in my mind I cant seem to function properly. I hate being stressed and under pressure. I feel trapped in a cage and like I'll never get a chance to come out.

My co worker asked me what I was doing for Halloween and my reply was "I dont know yet probably not much". He then looks at me with eyes wide open because knowing where I work I am the youngest and I mean LITERALLY the youngest one. To have him tell me what fun plans he has for Halloween and me telling him what Im doing sounds sad. Whyy? Because shouldn't it be vice versa? LOL Well like I said I have too much going on and not enough time to do it. School has taken over my life. I wish all my worries can just be thrown in the trash can .....is that possible? haha

In conclusion, I will try to make this day positive after all my study guide, 2 tests,1 lab, 3 quizzes, 4 assignments/discussions due these next 3 days, after my 300 bucks in negative fees, after my job fixes my direct deposit since they made a "mistake" and i did not get paid on payday, after 1pm when im at home safe and sound taking a huge nap to get over all of the above, and most importantly after my auntie flow quits making me turn into bitch mode haha

It seems like Im the only one thats extra excited about Halloween! maybe i am the only one? minus all the extra scary stuff. i cant wait until i put my pumpkins out in the front w/ my new candle lights i purchased today. Saturday we will be heading to zoo boo (hopefully) and see all the Halloween decor the zoo has lol ok im easily amused....

anyway, i have this problem where i put clothes in the washer and leave them in there for an hour or two (not ALL the time) but MOST of the time...i just have this sudden lack of energy so i feel like i dont have to get up. im talking about this because the washer stopped 10 mins ago and im still blogging about it. hahaha ok on to the next subject

so lately ive been trying to think of new recipes to make with 1 puff pastry sheet i have left in the freezer from when i made my beef wellington. i wanna make desserts with it but i cant seem to figure out what i want to make? im torn in between white chocolate fruit tart, apple struessel (spell check?) and banana's foster? im really not in the mood for any banana's because i have a big bag of bananas in the fridge and havent touched a single one. anyway im leaning towards either a white chocolate fruit tart or just a plain fruit tart. either way it'll come out good, hopefully.

i feel like this weeks going by the slowest it can ever go in my life. why? bc i have an astronomy test, communications test, astronomy QUIZ (yes my evil professor decides to give me a quiz the day before the test), an astronomy LAB (the day before the test also), a philosophy test to study for that i have on monday @ noon, and lots of homework. what have i started on you ask? the first page of my philosophy study guide....ummm yeah. im really bad at testing and i want to be an actuary? how ironic is that? if i really want to major in actuarial science, i really have to step my test skills up ...i guess its the "remembering" and "studying" part that gets to me...one day ill get it..for now ill stick with that excuse =)

anyway, so im excited about going to the Texans game November 29th!! I cant wait! Im seriously so excited and i think he found out because when i told him to request that day off from work so i can take him out for his bday....he responds with "no we're not doing anything that day except watch football sunday at home" ..wow thats a big hint you kind of found out ...people cant seem to keep secrets....such a shame (not me, the people i told)...

talking about "PEOPLE", i haven't been really "socially interactive" lately....yes i have people who call me left and right to "hang out" and yes i do avoid them. why? i feel some people talk about the most ...and i mean the MOST ridiculous things....every time i talk to someone its about a boy.... (friends in general no one specific). what is the point of worrying about a damn guy all the time? why cant we talk about something different? why do you have to keep going on and on and on about a damn guy!! seriously, if i dont ask about HIM that dont tell me about HIM! i know i dont talk about my guy unless someone asks. i dont want the annoyance of blabbing about what he said and why he didnt want to sex you, blah blah blah. seriously, can we talk about FOOD, tv, LIFE. i dont understand how one person can think about ONE guy all the time and not anything else in their lives. the biggest annoyance in my life next to people in general.

yeah people and I dont get along. why? i dont know really. i feel like im different. everytime i do try to be "the same" (as you would call it) i get disappointed because i then realize that was the main reason why i dont talk to alot of people in general. especially people who you thought were your friends and you end up having a dream about them backstabbing you in front of your face with your worst enemy (yes i actually had that dream and wow did it open my eyes) and let me say some people ACT SO SHADY and it just kills me. so funny how one day their your friend and the next day their a stranger. hahah thats alright thats why i HAVE NO FRIENDS. and i DONT NEED ANY FRIENDS.  im happier this way and my dogs and I are just fine with no one else in our lives, oh and my boyfriend too haha.i love my dogs i'd pick them over hanging out with a friend. they love me, i love them, they love food, i love food, and they dont talk about the same subject for hours. need i say more?

next subject, i love this weather change. its the best thing thats happened in Houston! today was the coldest it could get with a high of 68 degrees! my type of weather! sometime this week it'll rain about 80%, and thats also my kind of weather! i cant wait until christmas and thanksgiving. this year im thinking about having turducken at our house because ive seen in on food network plenty of times, and besides im getting real tired of the same plain ol' turkey every year.

i hope everyone has a good and SAFE Halloween! Be careful and have fun! let me go put my clothes in the dryer before i forget again .....trust me i will haha... until next time....

xoxo, kimmy
ITS ALMOST HALLOWEEN!! Although theres only one week until Halloween, I am so proud of my pumpkins!  I love my carved pumpkins! I did both sides of it because I finished an easy cat design so I decided to do a harder one. My babe did the hardest one of it so it took him awhile! His pumpkin came out perfect! Mine did as well! I cant believe we carved pumpkins! We had so much fun and Im kind of bummed because it rained all day so I couldnt show off my pumpkins. But I do also need the LED candle lights to put in my pumpkins. Im getting some tonight and hopefully put it out by tomorrow! WOW IM SO EXCITED! My next mission is to decorate for Thanksgiving! I went to Hobby Lobby today and found LOTS of Thanksgiving decor! I cant wait!! Anyway, here are the pumpkins!!!
Halloween!! 10/25/2009
I just finished carving my pumpkins with my babe. I am waiting for him to finish his carving (he chose to do a harder one!) I can't wait to show everyone the results of my pumpkin! I'm SOOO EXCITED! He went to work so it'll be done later today. Now I'm bored and I told him what am I going to be doing while he finishes his pumpkin later tonight? So he's gonna buy me a small baby one and I will make another pumpkin! CANT WAIT! Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what to do with the inside of my pumpkin. I want to make pumpkin pie because I carved and cut out the actual pumpkin, and I'm gonna roast the seeds. But the stringy stuff I think your suppose to throw that away? Im guessing. anyway, its time to buy a new washer and maybe dryer. but im not sure what i want. its getting darker outside and i cant help but sit here and fall asleep. i dont even feel like doing my homework. tomorrow starts another week of school, work, and LIFE. yes life......sigh ...

i guess i'll go relax and see what there is to do with my pumpkin insides.

Its been awhile 10/24/2009
Sorry I haven't been updating this. I have been busy left and right. If it isn't work, its school, if it isn't school, its home, if it isn't home Im out doing something, or Im just exhausted. These past couple of days I have been preparing for the weekend and Halloween. I bought a cute carving kit and two pumpkins. I know its only one week until Halloween but I'm hoping we have time tomorrow to carve it and hopefully put it in the front lawn tomorrow. YAY! Last night my love surprised me and took me to see a play/show. We left a little late and didn't know traffic was THAT bad...and ended up only making it to the last 40 minutes of the show. It was only an hour long anyway but at least we enjoyed it! SO MUCH people there it took us an extra 10 minutes to find parking. But it felt soo good outside and I enjoyed my time. Afterward, we went cruising down Montrose Blvd and really wanted to find something to eat (for some reason we're always eating lol) so instead we stopped by Starbucks and got something to drink. Then after another 20 minutes later we stopped by a Mexican restaurant and ate there. There were about 5-6 ladies coming from the club or bar I'm guessing? and sat right next to us and talk about LOUD!! They were laughing and screaming. I mean I couldn't even have a conversation. Some people are so rude! Anyway, afterwards we decided to call it a night and brought our happy asses home. Today (Saturday) I had a LONG LONG day seriously. Decided to wake up at 6am (I dragged myself out of bed on  SATURDAY! ) With only four hours of sleep and cooked a small breakfast for us and left around 730 ish to go play tennis! EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM ;) we brought the dogs and played for about an hr and then some football little league kids came and kept passing by. My dogs decided to be annoying (like always) and we couldn't play anymore and left. Right after that we dropped them off cleaned up and left to run errands. Washed my car, went shopping for some household necessities, and dropped by Jamba Juice! YUMMY I love Jamba Juice its the best EVER!! anyway let me stop before I bore myself any more. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!! WONDERFUL WEATHER!
 Today my babies had half a day to spend with their "grandma". Its a little joke we have with my dogs. My mother-in-law is their "grandmother" haha. Sounds silly but I love my dogs to death and those are like my babies. Well they are my babies i mean i treat them just like one. As you can see in the picture below they have 4 beds where are the other two dogs? oh wait we don't have another dog. The two beds are for their enjoyment. They have a box full of toys just like a toy box for children and they have clothes, yes even my big one has clothes. I know I know. I am silly for doing this. But I enjoy it. Anyway, here are my babies after a day with their grandmother. they are exhausted and they wont even get up even if their life depended on it. (okay maybe im exaggerating). We had dinner, cleaned up the rest of their stuff they got out of storage and watched Ghost Whisperer (my favorite show might I add). After wards I attempted to update my food/recipes page on here per a couple of requests I received for two of my recipes. I re-read through them and found some mistakes. I might go back and re-edit those mistakes but I might not since it is kind of late and Im exhausted. I have to get ready for another busy day ahead of me. Speaking of busy, I haven't done my quiz I was suppose to do. That will have to wait until tomorrow...until then I am going to lay out like my babies and relax. Good Night, Sweet Dreams. (P.S. I've tried to find the green I wanted but I cant seem to find it so this will have to do.)